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Fish and seafood restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg (Kollwitzplatz, Berlin). The only fish restaurant in Berlin with Montenegrin roots.

Fresh fish – healthy food – delicious.

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Our chief cook

One of those Gourmets is Vladimir Kosic, chief cook and owner of the restaurant Lesendro. He has 25 years of experience in that business and owns one small traditional fish restaurant in Belgrade.

Vlado – as friends call him – came to Berlin from Montenegro, from the Adriatic Sea to build one original fish restaurant. The Adriatic gastronomy is a mixture of traditional recipes and creativity of the cook.

Vlado makes sure that every product processed in the restaurant is quality checked and fresh. Keeping the quality on a high level is the most important premise of a good kitchen. In this restaurant, the dishes are prepared in a simple way, which is the best to keep the original taste of the food. The menu is never defined until the end, there is the fundament the rest is adventure and Passion.

50 kitchens, one home: Montenegro

In his restaurant Lesendro Vladimir Kosics offers a daily changing fish menu. For the Buzara, a dish with seafood, he serves grilled vegetables. Almost like at the Adriatic Sea – in the middle of Berlin.
(Source: Deutsche Welle)

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Koch und Inhaber

Vladimir Kosic

Lesendro - Das Fischrestaurant

Knaackstraße 45

10435 Berlin


Tel.: 004915770885967

E-Mail: lesendro@web.de


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18:00 bis 23:00 Uhr


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14:00 bis 22:00 Uhr

Bitte reservieren Sie telefonisch oder per Email. Sie finden uns auch bei Quandoo oder Open Table.

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¹Wir wurden unter die TOP 4 der besten Fischrestaurants Berlins gewählt!